VRP Blog 7

Mind Craft “Mind is everything. All that I am, I am because of my mind.”Paavo Nurmi - The Flying Finn - 22 distance world records The fundamental premise of psychology is that the world only really exists within the small space between our ears.  Think about this for a moment…   All interactions, be they physical or [...]


VRP Blog 6

Training the Brain Hello running athletes!  This week I have decided to talk about the power of our brain and how it relates to the way we train and perform. It is such a huge subject that we can only begin to touch on a few things, but we think you'll find it useful... Some [...]

VRP Blog 5

Returning to Running: Postnatal Exercise By Harriet Macready I’m not au fait with blogs (writing or in fact reading them) so I apologise in advance for my ramblings below. I joined the Virtual Run Project (VRP) in order to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans among other things. As a mum of two now, it [...]

VRP Blog 4

Women’s stuff, although Men, you need to understand!  My blog for this week came to me as I read an email that really resinated with me. It went something like this... One frustration i have despite completing all the training set, that when the days are short and dark and in between being busy on [...]

VRP Nutrition Blog

Pre-Training Fuel... To all our VRP athletes - that’s right, you are all athletes so get used to calling yourself one! For those who are regular attendees of my zoom sessions, you know that food is one of my favourite subjects, mainly as my Mum is such an awesome cook and from a young age [...]


Day 6 - 411 Miles Day 5 - 259 Miles Day 6 - 388 Miles Day 4 - 272 Miles Day 3 - 311 Miles Day 2 - 270 Miles Day 1 - 267 Miles Wow! We are so impressed with the response to the first day of our challenge and the dedication you are [...]

YNM’s Lockdown Quiz Night

Saturday 9th May brought us the inaugural YNM quiz during these strange times… Martin the rambling rambler has written this summary so be warned it’s not all that succinct! As we began to run through the quiz behind closed doors, ironing out any potential creases we had (MF) had forgotten to put the waiting room [...]