Day 6 – 411 Miles

Day 5 – 259 Miles

Day 6 – 388 Miles

Day 4 – 272 Miles

Day 3 – 311 Miles

Day 2 – 270 Miles

Day 1 – 267 Miles

Wow! We are so impressed with the response to the first day of our challenge and the dedication you are already showing to the cause of logging as many ‘self-propelled’ miles as possible this week.

We want you to RUN, WALK & CYCLE as much as possible and tell us what you’ve done. You can show us too, with a photo or two, and we’ll record our group progress.

In true YNM style, we have a blog and chart, which will show the miles each day (the grey bar chart) alongside the rolling total (the orange line).

So let’s make this the focus of our attention and see where we can get to by Sunday evening! Any guesses?

Keep on keeping on!

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