Online Workout – Day 12 Push up & Squat Jump - Ladder Workout This can be a 10 min or 20 min workout depending whether you descend back down the workout. Round 1 - starts with a 20 second sprint and goes straight into a 40 second block where you must complete 1 push up and 1 squat jump [...]

YNM 3K Challenge

Week 6 - Training Session 1 Speed - 2 minute 'efforts' at RPE 8-9. Aim to run consistently over the entire 2 mins. Warm up for 10-12 minutes with gentle jogging slowly increasing the intensity. Perform dynamic stretches including hamstrings, calfs, quads.  Category A) 10 x 2 min (60) Category B) 8 x 2 [...]

Lockdown in Spain – A local perspective!

Take 10 mins to read a thoughtful, reflective and honest account of lockdown in Spain with our YNM friend Naomi that many of you have exercised or run Worthing parkrun with. This whole situation certainly puts things into perspective and makes one feel thankful.  Happy running Naomi  Mart, Em & your YNM friends.  I have lived [...]